I’ve felt better

I’m still alive. The radiation symptoms have been in full swing this past week. I have been frequenting the toilet rather often and have been going to bed a little earlier than normal but otherwise I feel fine.  Unfortunately I was unable to work many hours this week. I also didn’t make it to the AWANA Cubbies’ Teddy Bear Picnic at church. Since I couldn’t be there Little Daisy decided to bring my bear, Joe Bear, to the picnic. 

Daisy Kate and Joe Bear with his coat of many colours

Friday, Feb. 22 at 9:20am is my first chemotherapy treatment. I’m not looking forward to the possible side effects. Adding diarrhea to my already painful bowel movements does not seem pleasant.

I met with the naturopath again today and signed up for the loco-regional hyperthermia treatments and also vitamin C and mistletoe injections. In my opinion there seems to be a reasonable amount of data showing that these treatments may help my situation. My first hyperthermia treatment is scheduled for this Saturday morning and the next one on Monday, where I will also receive my vitamin C and mistletoe injections. The hyperthermia doesn’t sound too bad. I get to lie on my back for two hours while a machine uses radio frequencies to heat up the cancerous parts of my body. This is supposed to make the cancer cells more susceptible to the chemotherapy drugs. The vitamin C and mistletoe may help reduce my chemotherapy symptoms and the vitamin C could even slow down the cancer.

Please pray that these supplemental treatments will help ease my chemotherapy symptoms.



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  1. Just a note to tell you we are praying that the combination of holistic and medical treatment measures will enhance your recovery. You are certainly taking an adventurous route and we find it interesting and educational for us to read about your journey with “Tony the Tumour”.
    With God as your guide, you’re presenting us with incite, much appreciated.

  2. We continue to pray for healing for John and for all the processes along the way.
    Words from one of the worship songs during the service we attended last Sunday brought you to my mind:
    You are good, good, oh
    You are good, good

    You’re never gonna let,
    Never gonna let me down

    When the night is holding onto me
    God is holding on
    You may be familiar with the song, “King of My Heart”; you can hear it all here:
    May God continue to give you strength in your journey.

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