Princess Margaret

This morning, Leanne and I are off to Toronto again to have some tests done and paperwork signed for a new Phase 1 trial in which I may be eligible to participate.

This was a bit unexpected. At my last meeting with my oncologist in June, he told me he wants to take me off my current treatment and try something else. He mentioned contacting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre again as one of a few options he would pursue for me. A few days later I was meeting with the trial doctors at Princess Margaret discussing this trial.

The trial involves an immunotherapy drug given via IV once every 3 weeks. That will be a welcome change from my last Phase 1 trial at Princess Margaret and all my other treatments which have been once every 2 weeks. The big catch with this trial is the risk of deadly diarrhea; one person in the trial died from complications related to diarrhea. Apparently some people on the trial have no diarrhea at all, so I am going to be hopeful that I am one of those very blessed individuals. The “deadly diarrhea” did have me pause a bit before jumping ahead but I am getting very close to exhausting my treatment options. And I know I’ll be in good hands at Princess Margaret even if unwelcome side effects occur.

I keep mentioning my lack of appetite. Sadly, that issue is getting worse. I keep having setback after setback. I weigh around 135 lbs now. For context I am 6’1″. I keep thinking I am making progress but after what I think has been a good consistent run of eating, the scale disappoints me. I am really hoping once my last round of chemotherapy has finally left my system I will regain some of my appetite. 

Please pray for us as Leanne and I travel back and forth to Toronto. We take the train so it is at least quite a relaxing journey. Pray for God’s will regarding the trial at Princess Margaret, and that my acceptance in this trial will not be contingent on my weight. As Leanne and I continue struggling to find foods I will eat, pray that I will be able to gain some weight.


P.S. Thanks for continuing to pray for us and taking the time to send us encouraging notes now and then. Occasionally Leanne and I hear from people who are having trouble contacting us when replying to the blog email, so here are our direct email addresses:


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