My pancreas

Leanne and I eventually made it to Princess Margaret yesterday…on separate trains. (We will have to monitor the frequency of 1pm Blue Jays games in the future as they tend to fill up both parking lots at Aldershot GO station.) The study nurse went through the consent form, asked me a ton of health questions, and proceeded to have her colleagues administer a few more tests. We then raced across the street to Toronto General Hospital for my CT scan.

About an hour later, I received a phone call from the study oncologist while on the train headed home (with my wife this time). She said that my pancreas enzyme levels were very, very high and would likely prevent me from participating in the study. She and my oncologist in Kitchener have no idea why the levels are so high, especially when I am not having the typical related symptoms. To try and reduce the levels of these enzymes, I am having 3 days of IV fluids at home. They used my port which means my arms are free which is really great. I will get a blood test on Monday locally and find out the results on Tuesday. If the levels do not show improvement I will not be part of the study.

Again, please pray for God’s will regarding this study. On the one hand, considering how new and small it is, the side effect risks could be high and unknown. On the other hand, maybe it does have high potential to do some good. God knows what is best for me!

Regardless of the trial, please pray that my pancreas enzyme levels go down. I’ve been told to go to the ER if I start having abdominal pain and vomiting. I haven’t had time to look it up yet but I don’t think there is anything good about pancreatitis.


Here is a nice little song from Weird Al in case you want to learn more about pancreases.


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  1. We are praying for you and your family. Thanking God for sustaining you & praying that he will continue to do so!! Praying those enzyme levels drop this weekend.

    I need to know, did you JUST find that song today or do you usually learn your biology lessons from Weird Al….

    1. Our appreciation for Weird Al’s sense of humour goes way back. Haha. And of course I used that song when we did our human body unit. How could I not? 😉

  2. Thanks for this latest update on the trial and your pancreas situation. so specific prayer requests can be made known.
    We are praying for your levels to go down and for God’s will regarding the trial and /or other treatments.
    As you say, only He knows what is best .
    May God sustain you and your family during these times.

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