Do I really need a liver?

I received the results of my latest CT scan today.

The results were not good. The current experimental treatment I have been receiving in Toronto is not working, so I will no longer be participating in that study. The CT scan showed significant growth on my liver which, if it continues, will cause my liver to totally fail and kill me.

I will be going back to my oncologist in Cambridge to see if he has any more options for me.

I get the sense that I don’t have too much more time left.

Fascinatingly, I still don’t really have any pain. The pressure in my abdomen has increased to the occasional ache but it’s still nothing a Tylenol can’t cure.

Of course I am not giving up yet, nor will I ever, but this is certainly a significant setback.

I’ve known this day was coming for five years now. I don’t like it but there’s not a lot I can do to prevent it. In fact, I think I’m doing all I can. I don’t know of anything else to do besides pray. Please join me in doing so.

Please pray for my family, who are not thrilled with the idea of me leaving them.

Please pray that my oncologist will be able to offer me some more treatment options and that these treatment options will work.

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  1. I have been following your posts and praying for you for a long time now and have rarely commented because I don’t really know your family although I may have seen the wife and kids at some homeschool events years ago but we never knew each other.

    I am just so sorry that you’re going through this. It must be so hard and you have been so strong and courageous in the face of some of life’s harshest dealings. I’m thankful for having been able to read your story and I have been inspired and humbled and moved and encouraged.

    I don’t feel like anything I say will be that good but I also don’t want to say nothing.

    Those who believe in Jesus’ saving work paying for our sins have heaven and eternity with God to look forward to after this life of trial and trouble. It feels like some get dealt a heavier burden and I feel for what all your family has been experiencing these years of facing life threatening illness and physical suffering and watching your kids watch your suffering, but in my view you have set an absolutely beautiful example and have been the kind of role model we all wish we were for our kids of faith and holding on to Jesus and what matters.

    May God continue to keep you and your entire family in His loving hands and hold you up when your strength is gone, and be the Father for your children if they lose their earthly one. God will not forsake or abandon your family and they will be safe in His care even if He takes you home earlier than most.

    After all this time praying for you and reading your posts, I wish I could meet you and your family even just once.

  2. John, we are certain this news comes as another blow to you. But our God is strong and still does miracles. We will not stop praying for you and your family.
    May you sense His strong direction in the steps ahead.

  3. John, I have been praying for you for five years, every day and I will continue to do so. Keep strong y friend and know that you are loved.

  4. Know that the prayers of many are surrounding you and your beautiful family. May you each feel His perfect peace as you wait for the next step. Believing for a miracle…..

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