August update

It’s been almost a month since I started my new treatments at Princess Margaret in Toronto. I probably should have mentioned earlier that, yes, I made it into the trial. I am officially being experimented on, or something like that.

I made it through the liver biopsy I mentioned in my last post. The doctor overseeing the procedure didn’t think it necessary to knock me out so I was wide awake while the fellow fished around inside my abdomen, extracting 10+ samples of my tumour. The doctor had to make a second hole to get enough samples. The wound was VERY unimpressive. I had conjured up a much more impressive image of the fishing holes in my head during the procedure. I think I liked my last biopsy better when they knocked me out and went down my throat.

I’ve been in Toronto countless times this past month. Even had two overnight visits so they could monitor me. My visits are gradually getting fewer though.

So far I am having basically 0 symptoms. I had a little fever on my first infusion but nothing since.

I take 4 pills every day for 2 weeks and then I get 1 week off.

Every two weeks I have an IV infusion to deliver the other part of my treatment. It only takes an hour to do the IV but it takes hours of waiting before I even get a chair in the infusion room. They give me an IV dose of Benadryl first and then finally they hold me  an hour for observation afterwards. I hate the Benadryl as it makes me VERY tired which makes it impossible to work. Princess Margaret is so big/busy that they hand you a restaurant style pager when you check in for treatment and they page you when your chair is ready.

After the first few Toronto trips I started taking the GO train from Kitchener to Union Station. From there it’s just a quick subway ride to Queen’s Park and a 1 minute walk to Princess Margaret. 

I actually am really enjoying the train. Once out of Toronto it’s a pretty scenic ride. I usually travel at less popular times of day so I usually have an entire train car almost to myself.

I wish every city had a subway system. So much better than the bus.

Leanne and I were getting so good at public trasportation in Toronto that we decided to try our skills in NYC. We caught a Broadway show while we were there too!

We won’t know if this new treatment is doing anything until my next CT scan or CEA level. My next scan is Aug 24th and I meet with my doctor a few days later.

I still have pressure in my lower abdomen from my expanded liver. I think it’s getting VERY gradually more noticeable but it’s so gradual I barely notice a change. Still no pain, yet.

Please continue to pray for us.

God has been taking care of us so wonderfully these years.

Please pray for this treatment to work.

Pray for my continued tolerance of public transit. I have a feeling my enthusiasm for the train may diminish a bit once the weather gets a little colder.



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  1. Continuing to pray for you John and Leanne as she supports you. Praying for your treatment to be effective and for strength for you and your family and safe travels back and forth to the hospital.
    We admire your incredible faith and hope in God.

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