The past couple days have brought a few small changes. John has been working with the physiotherapists on sitting up in a chair again. It gets a little bit easier and he’s able to tolerate it a little bit longer everyday. Today they removed his nasogastric tube. Late this afternoon they moved him up to the surgical ward, so he is no longer in the ICU. That’s progress!

The only concern the doctor had was with his lungs. Due to the pain and tenderness from having two surgeries, he is having trouble taking deep breaths from the bottom of his lungs. It hurts too much. Breathing only from the top of his lungs puts him at risk for pneumonia so he really needs to get those lungs working at full capacity again.

The ICU doctor brought this fun little game for him to play (a spirometer). The goal for him is to keep the balls up by inhaling nice deep breaths.

Other than the breathing issue (please pray for that), the surgeon said he is doing fine when he checked his incision. John still isn’t allowed to eat or drink yet (ice chips are the highlight of his day) but maybe tomorrow he will be given the ok.

“The Lord gives His people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” Psalm 29:11 NLT