Little Update

Radiation in London is done now and I am back on chemo at Grand River in Kitchener. We won’t really know until my next CT scan if the radiation treatment was successful or not. Thankfully I didn’t experience many side effects, just fatigue and some very minor aches around the radiation target area.

I’m still having some a lot of trouble with my appetite. Basically I have no desire to eat anything. I get hungry but have no desire to eat. I rate foods as tolerable or intolerable. My tolerable list is extremely short and changes constantly. I haven’t enjoyed eating anything in quite awhile now. Leanne and I are working really hard to solve this problem but I am not gaining much weight. We have some medical options we are pursuing as well. I promised my oncologist I will be 150 lbs by our next appointment near the end of June but I am becoming doubtful I will reach that goal as I am in the low 140s now.

I really do miss eating. On our trip to California I was eating kids meals. 

My CEA level is still slowly climbing, which is not surprising since nothing has really changed to affect it.  Hopefully next month’s level will show some signs of decline or stability as that test would include my radiation treatments.

My oncologist prescribed me some pills to help with fatigue and after a bit of experimentation with the dosage I think it is working. 

Prayer Requests

I need to get my weight and appetite under control.

Staying alive longer would be nice.

I am very thankful I was able to go on such a great trip with my mother and family. I had such a good time with the kids, especially my sweet little Magnolia. I couldn’t keep up with Leanne and the older kids but Magnolia and I seemed to have a similar amount of stamina.