Feeling great

I haven’t felt this good in awhile. I feel like my old self again. I have been getting lots of work done and have even started planning a trip for Leanne and me for our tenth anniversary.

I have no scans or anything to prove it but I am reasonably certain the radiation did its job and shrank Tony. My bowel movements have been less frequent and I haven’t had any rectal pain for weeks now. 

My weight has been slowly but steadily increasing, up about 6 lbs. since the drop after my last chemotherapy treatment. The antibiotics and cream seem to be helping my rash as it is clearing up slowly. I had a little diarrhea last week but basically none this week. My appetite has been great and my tongue feels fine. My hair seems to be thinning a bit but I think that started before the chemotherapy. 

I was supposed to start my third chemotherapy cycle on Friday, March 22, but I failed my blood test. My white blood cell count is too low right now so they are postponing my treatment until next Friday (March 29) and reducing the dosage. I really don’t mind having an extra week off from the chemotherapy. 

I will be having a CT scan after I’m done my third chemotherapy cycle. This will be the first real opportunity to see how the treatments are working.

  1. Thank God that I feel great.
  2. Please pray that I stay healthy while my immune system is compromised.
  3. Pray that I pass my next blood test.
  4. Pray that the CT scan will show a miracle!