In His Hands

Every doctor and nurse I have met with has, in a subtle way, attempted to make sure I know I am going to die. The conversation usually begins with, “I see that you met with Dr. So-and-so? What did they tell you?” At first I thought it was a listening comprehension test as I began rattling off every detail I could remember, regretting that I had not taken better notes. Then I finally figured out that they probably just want to make sure that no one dropped the ball and that I was aware of my impending demise.  Even my family doctor called me up, basically just to make sure I knew I was going to die. Cheery bunch, those doctors. I want to live if only just to be able to tell them, as Nelson Muntz would say, “Ha Ha!”

I know doctors are just scientists, and as someone who appreciates data and logic, I understand their thinking in not wanting to offer me potentially false hope.  Their data says I will die, but so what? God’s will can’t be determined by data and analytics. I’m reasonably confident the doctors can extend my life a bit, but they have all adamantly said they cannot cure me. I know God can. It is an incredible feeling to have to rely so much on God. I am absolutely powerless. I am totally in His hands and I know that is the best place for me to be.  

Prayer requests

Discomfort: I’m starting to feel greater and more frequent discomfort in my rectum. I guess it is getting closer to being classified as an ache or pain. I tried Advil today which seemed to help. 

Bowel Movements: As my tumour grows, pray that I will still be able to poop have bowel movements. It is possible my bowels may become blocked at some point. 

Warning: Juvenile Humour Below

If you find songs about cancer, poop or bums offensive, please do not watch the following video.

I admit you will get to see one of my cute little redheads singing her lungs out and it may be interesting for some of you who have not seen me play guitar before. But I realize some people just might not appreciate my twisted sense of humour. Really, I am taking my cancer very seriously, but why can’t I have some fun?

After being inspired by Mr. Padfield’s video, Daisy and I decided to write our own little ditty. The lyrics aren’t exactly based on scripture, but they do describe my situation quite accurately, albeit in a somewhat juvenile way. The music was flat-out ripped off and my sister told me not to post it.

5 Replies to “In His Hands”

  1. Hi John, that was a unique little ditty aided by daughter, Daisy. Noted in the right hand lower corner of the video that Maggie got into the act also, her little hands were keeping time with the music. It is good to have these times with the family regardless of the opinions of others. God has blessed you with that talent. May He continue to support your journey.

  2. So encouraging to know that you have such a profound sense of being “in His hands.” A verse that you may not happen upon often speaks so powerfully to this and so I will share it: Isaiah 43:1-3a. May you and Leanne and Harrison and Daisy and Magnolia ever experience the Lord so walking so closely with you in these days …

  3. That was a great video 🙂 It showed a side of you I haven’t seen before. And it was great to see the kids having so much fun with it too. Leave it to Dads to bring out bathroom humour to entertain the kids 🙂 Thanks for posting it. Still praying with you, brother.

  4. Thanks for sharing your “poopy” song John. It is quite the catchy tune, and what adorable back up singers!

    We continue to pray for you and your family.

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