God is Good

Do you know what’s worse than being told you are going to die? Being told you are going to die and then having a rectal exam immediately after.

Unfortunately I experienced both this past week. I wasn’t quite expecting my cancer to be that bad. I only learned that I had a tumour on Dec. 19, 2018, and that it was cancerous on Dec. 24, 2018. (Merry Christmas!) I was led to believe I had a curable cancer and that my tumour could probably be removed somewhat easily, so I was a little surprised to see how much it had spread as the doctor scrolled through my CT and MRI scans pointing out the various “lesions consistent with cancer”.

I have stage 4 rectal cancer and it appears to have spread to my liver and lungs. The tumour in my rectum is a T3 in case you are curious. The doctor did not give me much hope, but so what? I know God can fix me.

Death is not to be feared for a Christian. I am not afraid of death; in fact, in some respects, I am looking forward to it.  One of my first thoughts after the diagnosis was that I get to hang out with my Dad again and meet our first little baby that died in the first trimester of pregnancy. But then I remembered that I have a few people here on earth who would prefer that I live for at least a few more decades. Being a husband and father was one of my primary goals in life and I want to be with my wife and kids as long as possible.

We are going to fight this disease as hard as we can and for as long as necessary. Our number one plan of attack is prayer. 

Before my diagnosis I had been learning a lot about prayer. I found John MacArthur’s sermon Pray Boldly particularly helpful and inspiring. The parable Jesus tells in Luke 11:5-13 is incredible. I don’t like asking people for anything, never mind asking the Creator of the universe over and over to do something. But Jesus tells us to pray boldly, to pray without ceasing, and to be shameless in our prayers.

Pray boldly for God to heal me and pray without ceasing.

This week I meet with two oncologists. Please pray that God will guide these doctors in their treatment plan for me.

I don’t want to give people the wrong impression. Lest you think I am bed-ridden in pain or something like that, I am not (at least not yet). With the exception of depositing blood into the toilet every few hours, I feel surprisingly fine right now considering what is growing inside my body. I have a little discomfort (not pain) in my rectum but that is it. I still work full-time (between appointments) and am fortunate to work two days a week from home. I am still doing other contract work on the side. I feel pretty good physically and excellent mentally.

I am excited to see how God will use this situation to His glory! 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. We will be praying for you and your family as you go through this difficult time. We pray for perfect healing and that the doctors will have wisdom needed for your situation.
    Love and prayers
    Dale and Judy Albrecht

  2. John,
    We are praying for your health and your complete healing. Let’s trust God; as you are doing so well. After reading your blog I have to say that you are a true inspiration to me. You are very brave, positive and full of faith and humor. I’d like to have the opportunity to pray with you in person if that’d be okay. Please let me know if you guys need anything.
    Be blessed Brother,
    Matt Bannister

    1. John
      We particularly want to recognize your positive comments of Faith and Acceptance as you face this serious health issue. In your dilemma, you are an inspiration for us all. May God richly reward you for your Faith, Attitude and Courage.

  3. Sorry to hear this news John. Praying for you both – for peace, strength, wisdom for the doctors and wisdom for you.

    1. Dear John and family, be assured of the constant prayers of the people at Grandview Church who are interceding for you. Your Dad would be very proud of you right now. God is able!

  4. Dear John and family. Be assured of the constant prayers of the people of Grandview Church. Your father would be very proud of you right now. God is able!

    1. Hello! I don’t know you, but just got an email from Corey telling me about you and your family – so now I am praying.
      Nicodemus said, when he spoke to Jesus:
      “There is none like You.
      No one else can do the things that You do”
      (and the chorus completes it all):
      “I could search forever but never find
      anyone like You.”

      I’m praying for you and your family – for healing and help. God answers prayer.

  5. Dear John and Leanne, and family:

    You are very much in our prayers. This is a moment of both lament and hope. Ps 13 comes to mind. We care.

    David and Lorraine Barker

  6. John, we were very sad to hear the news about your cancer but it is so great and inspiring to see your trust and faith in God throughout this difficult time. We want you to know that we have asked a lot of people to pray for you and your family. We are looking to God for guidance and praying for healing during this time. Remember that God provides hope and God can make miracles happen! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Prayer matters. God is good all the time. We are praying for you as you walk through this valley. No matter what the Good shepherd walks beside you and will guide you with his rod and staff (ps 23). Ś

    Dan & Ange

    1. Hi John:
      Wonderful on how you are handling this. The Lord promised us he would never leave us. He will give you the strength each and everyday. Take one day at a time.
      You are in our prayers.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. You are so positive for what you know is happening in your body. Prayer is a very strong attack to a problem and that is what I will be doing over the next days and weeks. I have not meet you or the family but am a friend of your moms. My blessings go out to each of you.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. You are so positive for what you know is happening in your body. Prayer is a very strong attack to a problem and that is what I will be doing over the next days and weeks. I have not meet you or the family but am a friend of your moms. My blessings go out to each of you.
    Sandra Brunk

  10. We are joining you in this bold and ceaseless prayer. We won’t stop! Thank you for your faithfulness and testimony to us all during this most difficult time. We’re with you.

    Ed and Brandy

  11. Sorry to hear the news and what your family is going through. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the positive outlook!

  12. Hi, I got your story from the CCHE group. I just wanted you to know that your family is on my heart. I love your outlook and your faith is inspiring. I pray that you would continue to be encouraged and see from God’s perspective and I’m praying that you would be an overcomer and fully healed this side of Heaven, in Jesus’ name. I pray that your family would experience so much grace and support in every way that you need. I pray for peace that overwhelms your children, you, and your wife. I pray that you would have such wisdom from Heaven navigating all of the technical stuff and that the Lord would lead you practically and give you great discernment. I pray that His light would shine through you and that any time you encounter doubt trying to discourage you that you would be refreshed in God’s love, care and hear His voice and peace helping you one moment at a time. In Jesus’ name, amen! It is great that you are inviting people to journey with you so you can get the support you need.

  13. John & Leanne,
    Thank you for sharing your unexpected and difficult journey with us. You are a wonderful blessing to us as we see your faith being worked out in real time.
    We are praying for the health team God has given you and that He will lead them during the complete process to wellness, and for you and your family’s strength, peace, and comfort and healing. This is the desire of our hearts.

  14. Your shared messages speak to your profound faith. Thank you for a very inspirational blog. Know that you are occupying a special place in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

    1. As former neighbors to Leanne and her wonderful, supportive parents we add our prayers to the many who have responded to your straight forward on-line posts.

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