Poutine to the rescue

The secret to weight gain is poutine. I tried Costco’s poutine last night for a light after-dinner snack. Those 1400 calories helped me reach a weight gain of 10 lbs. since my low after my second chemotherapy treatment.

It’s been three weeks now since my last treatment. For the last two weeks I’ve felt great, had a normal routine, and was able to get lots of work done.

Trip planning has helped immensely with keeping my attitude positive. My attitude usually hovers around 99% positive but trip planning has me around 150%. I realize I may not be able to travel due to my less than ideal health related predicament but, for me, planning is half most of the fun. It’s good to have something to look forward to.

My next chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for Friday morning but first I have to pass a blood test. Please pray that my white blood cell count is high enough so that I can have my chemotherapy treatment.

Lately I have been feeling that I’ll make it to 100 (or at least my original goal of 80). I pray continuously that this is God’s will as well.