I can’t imagine going through this cancer journey without God. Well, I guess I can and it’s terrifying. I am so thankful that I have a Heavenly Father who is taking care of me and controlling everything. God is with me, always. He will get me through my earthly adventure, however long or short it might be.

It appears that the new chemotherapy treatment is not working. My CEA level has skyrocketed and my recent CT scan shows growth on all my liver tumours.

The good news is that I may soon be done with chemotherapy.

The bad news it that I may soon be done with chemotherapy.

The next steps are to first explore radiation and radiofrequency ablation. If those treatments aren’t possible then my oncologist will be searching for another study (drug trial) for me to join. Any future studies will likely take place in Toronto.

My oncologist believes I still have a “short number of years” left to live. Honestly, Leanne and I were actually thrilled with this information. We were worried my life expectancy would be measured in months not years.

As I have said before, I will not be going down without a fight. I don’t plan to die easily.

God can do anything. He can still heal me if it is His will.

I still have some treatment options. Not great ones but there is still a little more than can be done.

Most importantly there is prayer. And we could really use a little extra prayer right now.

  • Pray that God’s will would be done.
  • Pray that God will heal me.
  • Pray for the toll these new treatments will have on my family. There may be frequent trips to Toronto required.
  • Pray for Leanne, Harry, Daisy, Magnolia and Poppy as they process the knowledge that my death may be getting closer.
  • Pray for my mother. Unsurprisingly, any setback in my health seems to upset her.
  • Pray that I’ll make good use of my remaining time on earth.

God is good.